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Agricultural & Environmental Sciences - Pesticide Hypersensitvity List

Registry of Pesticide Hypersensitive Individuals

The Louisiana Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) maintains a Registry of Pesticide Hypersensitive Individuals. Each person on the Registry has had a Louisiana physician verify that the individual was evaluated and found to be hypersensitive to pesticide exposure. 

LDAF requests that special precautions be taken when making commercial pesticide applications near these individuals. Licensed pesticide applicators, owners and/or operators (aerial, ground or structural) are asked to notify applicable individuals on the registry of their scheduled pesticide applications within 100 feet of the individual’s residence. This is a voluntary program and cooperation between hypersensitive individuals and pesticide applicators is strongly encouraged by LDAF.

Questions concerning the Registry of Hypersensitive Individuals should be forwarded to the LDAF officials listed below.

Individuals requesting placement on the Registry can download an application form for completion. The individual, after verification by a Louisiana physician, should submit the form to the LDAF Pesticide and Environmental Programs office to be added to the list.

Registry of Pesticide Hypersensitive Individuals

Registry of Hypersensitive Individuals Application Form (PDF, 237 KB)

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