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Louisiana Regulations on Applications of 2,4-D Herbicide
The applications of 2,4-D herbicide in certain parishes, in accordance with the current regulations and labels, have not been sufficient to control drift onto non-target areas.  Drift onto non-target areas has adversely affected other crops, particularly cotton.  Therefore, the Louisiana Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry has determined that rules implementing further state restrictions on the application of 2,4-D herbicide and products containing 2,4-D are necessary to alleviate adverse affects from drift onto these non-target areas. 
The complete regulation on the state restrictions of 2,4-D herbicide and other listed pesticides in listed areas in Louisiana can be found at Sec. 143, page 24 in the Pesticide Rules and Regulation.
The application of 2,4-D herbicide at certain times and in certain areas of Louisiana requires issuance of a waiver, permit, or written authorization from the Louisiana Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry.  For detailed information on the different 2,4-D herbicide restriction, click on one of the maps listed below.



Basic 2,4-D Herbicide Waiver Information
Any commercial applicator desiring a 2,4-D waiver shall apply to the LDAF District Office in your area at least 24 hours prior to the date scheduled for application of the pesticide. The application for waiver shall contain the following information:
1) the name and address of the person requesting the application;
2) the name of the applicator who will actually make the application;
3) the name of the owner-operator, if different from the applicator making the application;
4) the location where the application will be made, including the crop and name and address of the landowner;
5) the proposed date and hour when the application is scheduled; and
6) any other information pertinent to the specific waiver application which may be required by the commissioner.
Both the commercial applicator and the person for whom the pesticide application will be made must sign and date the waiver application.
Basic 2,4-D Herbicide Permit Information
  Prior to any application of 2, 4-D, or products containing 2, 4-D, a permit shall be obtained in writing from DPEP. Such permits may contain limited conditions of applications and shall be good for five days from the date issued. Growers or commercial ground or aerial applicators shall obtain permits from DPEP. Commercial ground and aerial applicators shall fax daily to DPEP all permitted or written authorized applications of 2, 4-D or products containing 2, 4-D. The faxed information shall include but not be limited to the following:
1) wind speed and direction at time of application;
2) temperature at time of application;
3) field location and quantity of acreage;
4) time of application;
5) grower name, address and phone number;
6) owner/operator firm name, address and phone number;
7) applicator name, address, phone number and certification number;
8) product name and EPA registration number;
9) any other relevant information.
The determination as to whether a permit for application is to be given shall be based on criteria including but not limited to:
1) weather patterns and predictions;
2) wind speed and direction;
3) propensity for drift;
4) distance to susceptible crops;
5) quantity of acreage to be treated;
6) extent and presence of vegetation in the buffer zone;
7) any other relevant data.
Basic 2,4-D Herbicide Written Authorization Information
At certain times in certain areas of Louisiana the application of 2,4-D herbicide is prohibited by state restrictions unless specific written authorization by the Assistant Commissioner of the Office of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, or in his absence the Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry is granted.  A Written Authorization requires the same information listed above for permits.


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