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LDAF State Organic Certification Rebate Program
The Louisiana Dept. of Agriculture & Forestry (LDAF) supports small farmers and organic production in Louisiana. The demand for local produce and organic products from small farms continues to grow. Organic standards (see website link below) were established by the United States Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) in 2002 for organic certification through the National Organic Program. Through this program, small producers and handlers who become USDA certified organic can greatly enhance their marketing opportunities. However, LDAF realizes private certifier fees for organic certification represent a considerable cost to these small producers and handlers. Therefore, LDAF has enacted a state rebate program to financially assist Louisiana certified organic producers and handlers with the cost of organic certification.

LDAF will rebate a portion of organic certification costs incurred by organic producers and handlers who become USDA certified or who renew organic certification.
  The amount of the LDAF state rebate will equal 75% of the cost of organic certification, up to a maximum of $750.00. But the LDAF rebate shall not be in an amount which, when totaled with any federal reimbursement*, exceeds the total of certification costs incurred. Calculation of the LDAF rebate will account for federal reimbursement, and rebates may be reduced based on the total annual cost of organic certification.

To be eligible for this state rebate, producers and handlers must have a current organic certification issued by a USDA accredited organic certifier. Rebates will be distributed as long as state funds are available.

To apply, download the LDAF State Organic Certification Rebate Application on this page. Mail or email the completed application to LDAF with supporting documentation of organic certification and applicable costs.

Rebates will be processed on a quarterly basis. Applications will be accepted until January 31 of each following year to allow the rebate of certification costs for those organic operations that become certified or renewed late in the year.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact this office.

Harry Schexnayder
Organic Certification Manager





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