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Agricultural & Environmental Sciences - Agricultural Chemistry Programs
All feed and pet food sold in Louisiana must be registered annually July 1 through June 30.  INSTRUCTIONS FOR FEED & PET FOOD REGISTRATION - CLICK HERE.

Fill in the feed and pet food registration form and enclose a check payable to the Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry to cover payment of the annual registration fee of $40 plus the label fee (depending on the number of products you are registering - $10 each up to 50, $8 each for 51-200, and $6 each for 201 and over) for all products being registered.

You must submit all product labels (new or revised) being registered in the State of Louisiana. An additional fee of $50 will be charged for renewal companies registration POSTMARKED after June 30. For companies selling commercial feeds in packages of ten (10) pounds or less, a $200 annual specialty fee is required in lieu of the inspection fee (tonnage fees). This is to be submitted with your annual registration application. 

All companies registered as a feed manufacturer must submit quarterly tonnage reports. INSTRUCTIONS FOR FEED & PET TONNAGE REPORT - CLICK HERE.

Inspection fees are computed at one dollar per ton for each ton sold. There is a minimum quarterly inspection/tonnage fee of $10.The penalty, a 25 % late fee, for late reports will be in addition to the minimum $10.00 fee (total of $12.50). If you pay the annual $200 specialty fee, there is no fee due with your report(s). However, the report(s) must be filed quarterly (FAX NUMBER 225-342-0027).

Companies that fail to timely submit tonnage reports may be subject to a civil penalty. 

If you have any questions, please call Cheryl McGee at 225-342-5812 or send an e-mail.

Feed Law 

Feed Commission Rules and Regulations, State Register, Title 7, Part XVII

Feed/Pet Food Registration Form 

Feed/Pet Food Tonnage Report Form 

Feed Commission Minutes and Proceedings


Feed, Fertilizer & Agricultural Liming Commission Members

Mike Strain, DVM, Commissioner
P O Box 631
Baton Rouge, LA 70821

John Russin, Ph.D.
P O Box 25055
Baton Rouge, LA 70894-5055

Paul  Coreil, PhD.
P O Box 25100
Baton Rouge, LA 70894-5100

Ronald R. Anderson
P O Box 95004
Baton Rouge, LA 70895-9004

T. B  Porter
P O Box 248
Leesville, LA 71446-0248

Warren Harang 
P O Box 52529
New Orleans, La 70152-2529

Eugene  Robertson
1500 Hwy 1061
Pine Grove, LA 70453

Jack Cutshall
P O Box 1702
Glenmora, LA 71433-7102 
David Williams
P O Box 52
Kentwood, LA 70444-0052
Bill Hopkins
P O Box 622
Delhi, LA 71232

Mark LeBlanc, Ph.D.
Director, Ag Chemistry


Angelle Pearson
Assistant Director, Ag Chemistry

Cheryl McGee
Registration Assistant


Mailing Address:
Agricultural Chemistry Division
Room 102, Ag Chemistry Building
110 LSU Union Square
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-0001

Phone: 225-342-5812
Fax: 225-342-0027

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